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Roederstein Capacitor

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Roederstein Capacitor

Roederstein Ero Mkp1840 3.3uf 3.3µf 250v 5 Pitch27.5mm Capacitor - $990.91

Roederstein Ero 3.3uf 250v Pitch27.5mm 5 Mkp1840 Ero Roederstein 3.3µf Capacitor Pitch27.5mm 3.3µf Capacitor Ero 5 3.3uf 250v Roederstein Mkp1840

1250 Pcs Roederstein Mkt1826433 Polyester Film Capacitor 0.33uf 330nf 100v 10 - $499.99

1250 Pcs Mkt1826433 Roederstein 1250 330nf 100v Polyester Pcs 10 0.33uf Capacitor Film Pcs 1250 Film Roederstein Capacitor Polyester 330nf 10 Mkt1826433 0.33uf 100v

Roederstein Ero Mkp1840 3.3uf 3.3µf 250v 5 Pitch27.5mm Capacitor - $436.24

Roederstein Ero Capacitor 3.3µf Ero 250v 3.3uf Roederstein 5 Pitch27.5mm Mkp1840 Ero 250v Pitch27.5mm 3.3uf Roederstein Mkp1840 3.3µf Capacitor 5

Roederstein Ero Mkp1840 3.3uf 3.3µf 250v 5 Pitch27.5mm Capacitor - $257.99

Roederstein Ero 3.3µf Capacitor Ero 5 Pitch27.5mm 3.3uf 250v Roederstein Mkp1840 250v 3.3µf 5 3.3uf Capacitor Mkp1840 Roederstein Ero Pitch27.5mm

Roederstein Ero Mkp1840 3.3uf 3.3µf 250v 5 Pitch27.5mm Capacitor - $158.90

Roederstein Ero 5 Roederstein 3.3µf 3.3uf Capacitor Mkp1840 250v Ero Pitch27.5mm Capacitor Pitch27.5mm 3.3uf 3.3µf Roederstein 5 Ero Mkp1840 250v

Roe Roederstein Eys07 10000uf 40v Snap-in Capacitor - $101.34

Roe Roederstein Roe Eys07 Capacitor Snap-in 40v Roederstein 10000uf Eys07 Roe 10000uf Snap-in 40v Roederstein Capacitor

Roederstein Capacitor Vde 0560-9 - $99.99

Roederstein Capacitor Capacitor Vde Roederstein 0560-9 Capacitor Vde Roederstein 0560-9

100 Pcs. 10uf 40v Roe Roederstein Eku Bipolar Capacitor. Used In Naim Audio - $89.90

100 Pcs. Eku 10uf 40v Pcs. Roe 100 Capacitor. Bipolar Used Audio Roederstein Naim In Roederstein Naim Roe In Bipolar 40v Used 100 Capacitor. Audio Eku Pcs. 10uf

Roederstein Ero Mkp1840 3.3uf 3.3µf 250v 5 Pitch27.5mm Capacitor - $75.52

Roederstein Ero Ero 3.3µf 3.3uf 250v Mkp1840 Capacitor Pitch27.5mm Roederstein 5 Mkp1840 Pitch27.5mm 250v Capacitor Roederstein 3.3µf 3.3uf Ero 5

Roederstein Suppression Class 2x, Y Capacitor Design Kit - $49.99

Roederstein Suppression Kit Roederstein 2x, Class Design Y Suppression Capacitor Y Capacitor Design Roederstein 2x, Kit Class Suppression

Roederstein 2200uf 63v -9.5 Electrolytic Capacitor New Qty Of 10 - $40.84

Roederstein 2200uf New Roederstein Electrolytic 10 -9.5 63v Capacitor Qty Of 2200uf 2200uf Qty Roederstein New Capacitor -9.5 10 Of Electrolytic 63v

Roederstein Ero Mkt1822 1uf 10 250 Volt Metalized Film Capacitor Lot Of 15 - $40.00

Roederstein Ero Ero Film Roederstein Lot Of Mkt1822 1uf Capacitor Volt 15 250 10 Metalized Metalized Mkt1822 Capacitor Roederstein Volt 250 Of 10 Ero 15 1uf Lot Film

90pcs Ero Roederstein .33uf 250v 10 Mkt F1722 X1 Polyester Safety Capacitor - $39.60

90pcs Ero 250v Capacitor F1722 90pcs Mkt .33uf Polyester Roederstein Safety 10 X1 Ero .33uf Safety X1 Capacitor Roederstein F1722 250v Polyester 90pcs 10 Ero Mkt

Roederstein 100v 4700uf Electrolytic Capacitor Audio Tone Roe Gold - $39.00

Roederstein 100v 4700uf Roederstein Roe Gold Audio Tone 100v Capacitor Electrolytic Audio Tone Gold Roe Electrolytic 100v Capacitor 4700uf Roederstein

Roederstein Leyd00dj533g 33000uf 40v 0.2 85c Pc Mount 40x80mm Capacitor New - $38.39

Roederstein Leyd00dj533g 40x80mm 0.2 33000uf Pc Capacitor Roederstein Leyd00dj533g New 85c 40v Mount Mount 40v 85c 33000uf Roederstein Leyd00dj533g 40x80mm New 0.2 Capacitor Pc

Roederstein Leyc07ab315x02 150uf 400v 105c 25x40mm Electrolytic Capacitor Qty-25 - $38.08

Roederstein Leyc07ab315x02 Electrolytic Roederstein Leyc07ab315x02 25x40mm 105c 150uf Capacitor 400v Qty-25 Roederstein 105c Electrolytic 400v 25x40mm Leyc07ab315x02 Capacitor Qty-25 150uf

Capacitor Gmkp850-20ia 20uf 850vdc Estaprop Roederstein Vishay Id20377 - $37.11

Capacitor Gmkp850-20ia Capacitor Vishay Estaprop 850vdc Gmkp850-20ia Roederstein 20uf Id20377 Id20377 Roederstein 20uf Estaprop Vishay Gmkp850-20ia 850vdc Capacitor

Capacitor 20uf 850vdc Roederstein Vishay Id20343 - $37.11

Capacitor 20uf Roederstein Id20343 20uf 850vdc Vishay Capacitor Id20343 Vishay Capacitor 20uf Roederstein 850vdc

Roederstein Kp1830 470p 470pf 100v 1 Pitch5mm Film Foil Capacitor - $36.00

Roederstein Kp1830 100v Foil 1 Pitch5mm 470pf Kp1830 Roederstein Film 470p Capacitor Film Pitch5mm 100v Roederstein Kp1830 1 470p Capacitor Foil 470pf

Roederstein Mkp1845-256/204 5.6nf 2kv Axial Polypropylene Film Capacitor Qty-25 - $35.95

Roederstein Mkp1845-256/204 Capacitor 5.6nf Polypropylene 2kv Roederstein Axial Film Qty-25 Mkp1845-256/204 Axial Polypropylene 2kv Film Qty-25 Roederstein Mkp1845-256/204 5.6nf Capacitor

25x Roederstein 4.7u 100v Aluminum Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Ebc00dl147lb0 - $35.00

25x Roederstein Ebc00dl147lb0 Capacitor Aluminum Axial 4.7u Electrolytic Roederstein 100v 25x Roederstein Ebc00dl147lb0 25x Axial Aluminum 4.7u Capacitor 100v Electrolytic

Roederstein Capacitor, 450vdc 3300uf 20 - $34.95

Roederstein Capacitor, Capacitor, 450vdc Roederstein 20 3300uf 450vdc Roederstein 3300uf 20 Capacitor,

Roederstein Leym01ej433l 3300uf 100v 85c Screw Terminal Electrolytic Capacitor - $34.95

Roederstein Leym01ej433l Roederstein Electrolytic 100v Capacitor 3300uf Terminal Leym01ej433l Screw 85c Leym01ej433l Electrolytic Screw 100v Terminal 3300uf Roederstein 85c Capacitor

Roederstein Leko00js447d00k Capacitor 4700uf 16v 20 85c 16x31.5mm Qty-25 - $33.38

Roederstein Leko00js447d00k 16x31.5mm 4700uf Leko00js447d00k 16v 20 Capacitor 85c Roederstein Qty-25 16x31.5mm Qty-25 Capacitor 16v 4700uf Roederstein 20 85c Leko00js447d00k

Roederstein Leym02ej415n 1500uf 250v Screw-term Electrolytic Capacitor W/mt Stud - $31.95

Roederstein Leym02ej415n Electrolytic Leym02ej415n Capacitor 250v Stud Roederstein Screw-term W/mt 1500uf Screw-term 250v Leym02ej415n Electrolytic 1500uf W/mt Capacitor Stud Roederstein

Roederstein Ley01dd522d02 22000uf 16v 40x50mm Electrolytic Capacitor Quantity=10 - $30.00

Roederstein Ley01dd522d02 40x50mm Capacitor Quantity=10 Electrolytic 22000uf 16v Ley01dd522d02 Roederstein Capacitor 16v 40x50mm 22000uf Quantity=10 Electrolytic Roederstein Ley01dd522d02

Roederstein Ero .22k .22 Mkc1862 Capacitor Lot Of 10 - $29.99

Roederstein Ero Ero Lot .22 Of Capacitor 10 Roederstein .22k Mkc1862 .22 Ero .22k Capacitor 10 Lot Roederstein Mkc1862 Of

Roederstein Leb00dl210lb0v 10uf 100v 105c Axial Electrolytic Capacitor, Qty-50 - $29.95

Roederstein Leb00dl210lb0v 10uf Qty-50 Capacitor, Axial Electrolytic 105c Leb00dl210lb0v 100v Roederstein Qty-50 Leb00dl210lb0v 100v Roederstein Capacitor, 105c Axial Electrolytic 10uf

Vishay Roederstein Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 4.7uf 63v 105'c Non-polar 50pcs - $28.48

Vishay Roederstein Roederstein 63v Capacitor 105'c Non-polar Radial 50pcs 4.7uf Electrolytic Vishay 63v Electrolytic Vishay 105'c 50pcs Non-polar Capacitor Roederstein Radial 4.7uf

25 X Roederstein F1772-510-2030 Capacitor 1uf 275v Box Cap Met Polyester - $28.00

25 Met Box X Roederstein Cap 1uf Polyester Capacitor 25 F1772-510-2030 275v 1uf Met 275v 25 Box Polyester X Cap Roederstein Capacitor F1772-510-2030

Roederstein Leks00aa222h00k Capacitor 22uf 50v 20 105c 5x11mm Qty-100 - $27.84

Roederstein Leks00aa222h00k 50v 22uf Roederstein 5x11mm 20 Qty-100 Leks00aa222h00k 105c Capacitor Capacitor 22uf Qty-100 105c 20 50v 5x11mm Leks00aa222h00k Roederstein

Vishay Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf 250v Eko00js310n00 Roederstein 50pcs - $27.53

Vishay Radial Vishay 250v Electrolytic Eko00js310n00 Roederstein Radial 50pcs 100uf Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Capacitor 100uf Vishay Eko00js310n00 50pcs 250v Roederstein

Kmkp560-4iay Roederstein Capacitor 4uf 560v Id72593 - $27.36

Kmkp560-4iay Roederstein 4uf Roederstein Kmkp560-4iay 560v Id72593 Capacitor Capacitor 560v Id72593 4uf Roederstein Kmkp560-4iay

Roederstein Mkp1837-410/013w 0.1uf 100vdc Polypropylene Film Capacitor Qty-50 - $26.95

Roederstein Mkp1837-410/013w Mkp1837-410/013w Film 100vdc Polypropylene Capacitor Qty-50 Roederstein 0.1uf Capacitor Mkp1837-410/013w Qty-50 Film Polypropylene 0.1uf 100vdc Roederstein

Roederstein Leyc07cv510e0 10000uf 25v 105c 35x30mm Electrolytic Capacitor Qty=2 - $25.89

Roederstein Leyc07cv510e0 Leyc07cv510e0 105c Electrolytic 25v 10000uf 35x30mm Roederstein Capacitor Qty=2 Leyc07cv510e0 10000uf 105c Roederstein 25v Capacitor 35x30mm Qty=2 Electrolytic

Roederstein Leko00ba233h07 Capacitor 33uf 50v 20 85c 6.3x11mm Qty-250 - $25.77

Roederstein Leko00ba233h07 Qty-250 50v Roederstein 6.3x11mm 85c Leko00ba233h07 33uf 20 Capacitor Qty-250 50v Capacitor 6.3x11mm 33uf Leko00ba233h07 85c Roederstein 20

100pcs Ero Roederstein Metalized Box Film Capacitor Mkp .1uf 400v - $25.30

100pcs Ero 100pcs 400v .1uf Film Ero Box Capacitor Roederstein Metalized Mkp Roederstein Mkp 400v 100pcs Box Ero Film .1uf Capacitor Metalized

Roe Roederstein, Eyv, Special Low Esr Audio Capacitor, 100uf 385v, Lot Of 5 - $23.99

Roe Roederstein, Capacitor, Low 385v, Of Audio 5 Roederstein, Esr Roe Lot 100uf Eyv, Special Roederstein, 100uf Capacitor, Special 385v, Lot 5 Esr Eyv, Audio Roe Of Low

Roederstein Audio Capacitor 47uf 250v Eg03ke247 47mfd Din 41253 16x30 Hifi 10pc - $23.73

Roederstein Audio 47mfd 41253 47uf Audio Capacitor Din Roederstein 250v Hifi 10pc Eg03ke247 16x30 10pc 47mfd Roederstein 250v 41253 47uf Eg03ke247 16x30 Din Capacitor Hifi Audio

Roederstein Mkp1845-368/252-g 0.068uf 250vdc 2 Axial Film Capacitor, New Qty-10 - $23.39

Roederstein Mkp1845-368/252-g 250vdc 2 Mkp1845-368/252-g Roederstein Capacitor, 0.068uf Axial Qty-10 Film New New Film 0.068uf Mkp1845-368/252-g 2 Axial Roederstein 250vdc Qty-10 Capacitor,

Roederstein Leko00de322j00k Capacitor 220uf 63v 20 85c 10x20mm Qty-25 - $23.38

Roederstein Leko00de322j00k Roederstein 10x20mm 85c 20 Leko00de322j00k Qty-25 220uf 63v Capacitor 20 85c Capacitor Qty-25 220uf 10x20mm Leko00de322j00k Roederstein 63v

Roederstein Leks00k433f00k Capacitor 3300uf 35v 20 105c 18x36.5mm Qty-8 - $23.29

Roederstein Leks00k433f00k Leks00k433f00k 18x36.5mm 3300uf 105c 35v 20 Roederstein Capacitor Qty-8 Roederstein 3300uf Capacitor 35v 105c Leks00k433f00k 20 18x36.5mm Qty-8

Roederstein Mkt1822-433/066w .33uf 63v 20 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $23.08

Roederstein Mkt1822-433/066w Roederstein Qty-50 20 Capacitor .33uf New Mkt1822-433/066w 63v Qty-50 .33uf Capacitor Roederstein Mkt1822-433/066w 20 63v New

Capacitor Axial Poly Film 0.68uf 63v Ero Mkt1813 Vishay Roederstein Qty 100pcs - $22.99

Capacitor Axial 100pcs Axial Film 0.68uf Qty 63v Vishay Mkt1813 Ero Poly Capacitor Roederstein Film Poly Ero Qty 100pcs 0.68uf Vishay Roederstein Axial Capacitor Mkt1813 63v

Roederstein F1772-315/2230 .015uf 275vac 20 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.50

Roederstein F1772-315/2230 Roederstein Capacitor F1772-315/2230 .015uf Qty-50 20 New 275vac 20 275vac Roederstein F1772-315/2230 .015uf New Capacitor Qty-50

Roederstein Kp1830-247/063 .0047uf 63v 2.5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.27

Roederstein Kp1830-247/063 Qty-50 .0047uf 2.5 63v Capacitor Kp1830-247/063 New Roederstein 2.5 63v New Roederstein Kp1830-247/063 .0047uf Capacitor Qty-50

Roederstein Kp1836-322/205 .022uf 2kv 10 Capacitor New Qty-25 - $22.00

Roederstein Kp1836-322/205 10 New Roederstein Capacitor 2kv Qty-25 .022uf Kp1836-322/205 .022uf 10 New Qty-25 2kv Kp1836-322/205 Roederstein Capacitor

Roederstein Mkt1826-315/014-7g .015uf 100v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-315/014-7g New 5 Qty-50 Mkt1826-315/014-7g Roederstein Capacitor 100v .015uf 5 New Mkt1826-315/014-7g Qty-50 .015uf 100v Roederstein Capacitor

Roederstein Mkt1823-410/065 .1uf 63v 10 Capacitor New Qty-100 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1823-410/065 Roederstein Mkt1823-410/065 New Qty-100 63v Capacitor 10 .1uf Qty-100 Capacitor Roederstein 10 .1uf 63v Mkt1823-410/065 New

Roederstein Mkt1826-282/015g .0082uf 100v 10 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-282/015g Mkt1826-282/015g Roederstein Capacitor .0082uf 10 New 100v Qty-50 .0082uf 10 Roederstein Capacitor Mkt1826-282/015g Qty-50 100v New

Roederstein Mkt1826-315/015g .015uf 100v 10 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-315/015g 100v Mkt1826-315/015g 10 .015uf Capacitor Roederstein Qty-50 New 100v Roederstein 10 Mkt1826-315/015g Capacitor New Qty-50 .015uf

Roederstein Mkt1826-282/016 .0082uf 100v 20 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-282/016 Mkt1826-282/016 Qty-50 .0082uf 100v 20 New Roederstein Capacitor Mkt1826-282/016 New 20 Roederstein 100v Capacitor Qty-50 .0082uf

Roederstein Mkt1826-456/055-g .56uf 50v 10 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-456/055-g Roederstein .56uf Mkt1826-456/055-g 10 Qty-50 New 50v Capacitor 50v Capacitor Qty-50 Roederstein Mkt1826-456/055-g 10 .56uf New

Roederstein Mkt1823-268/015-g .0068uf 100v 10 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1823-268/015-g Mkt1823-268/015-g Roederstein 100v Capacitor .0068uf Qty-50 10 New Capacitor 10 New Qty-50 100v Mkt1823-268/015-g Roederstein .0068uf

Roederstein Mkt1817-315/254-34g .015uf 250v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1817-315/254-34g Qty-50 Mkt1817-315/254-34g Roederstein .015uf 250v 5 New Capacitor Qty-50 250v 5 .015uf Capacitor Mkt1817-315/254-34g Roederstein New

Roederstein 1817-322/404w .022uf 400v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein 1817-322/404w Roederstein 400v .022uf Capacitor 5 New 1817-322/404w Qty-50 Roederstein .022uf 400v 5 New 1817-322/404w Capacitor Qty-50

Roederstein Mkt1826-510/014-wx 1uf 100v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-510/014-wx Mkt1826-510/014-wx New 5 1uf Capacitor 100v Roederstein Qty-50 New 5 1uf Qty-50 Roederstein 100v Mkt1826-510/014-wx Capacitor

Roederstein Mkt1826-282/014-g .0082uf 100v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $22.00

Roederstein Mkt1826-282/014-g 5 .0082uf Roederstein 100v New Capacitor Qty-50 Mkt1826-282/014-g Qty-50 .0082uf Roederstein 100v Capacitor 5 New Mkt1826-282/014-g

Roederstein Capacitor Leys07bd368n02 680uf 250v 20 85c Snap-in 30x50mm Qty=20 - $22.00

Roederstein Capacitor 680uf 20 30x50mm Leys07bd368n02 85c Roederstein Qty=20 Snap-in 250v Capacitor Leys07bd368n02 85c 250v 30x50mm 680uf Roederstein 20 Qty=20 Snap-in Capacitor

Roederstein Leym02cf522d 22000uf 16v Screw Term Electrolytic Capacitor W/stud - $21.95

Roederstein Leym02cf522d Leym02cf522d Electrolytic W/stud Roederstein Capacitor 22000uf 16v Term Screw Term 22000uf Capacitor Electrolytic Screw 16v Leym02cf522d W/stud Roederstein

Roederstein Lebc00dl122mb0v 2.2uf 160v 105c Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Qty-50 - $21.95

Roederstein Lebc00dl122mb0v Roederstein 105c 160v Lebc00dl122mb0v Electrolytic Qty-50 Axial 2.2uf Capacitor 105c 2.2uf 160v Roederstein Lebc00dl122mb0v Qty-50 Electrolytic Capacitor Axial

Roederstein Leb00fl322db0v 220uf 16v 105c Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Qty-50 - $21.95

Roederstein Leb00fl322db0v Roederstein 220uf 16v Qty-50 Leb00fl322db0v 105c Capacitor Axial Electrolytic 16v Axial Electrolytic Roederstein Capacitor 220uf 105c Qty-50 Leb00fl322db0v

Roederstein Mkt1813-468/065-1 0.68uf 63vdc 6.5x19mm Axial Film Capacitor, Qty-50 - $21.95

Roederstein Mkt1813-468/065-1 Qty-50 Capacitor, 6.5x19mm Mkt1813-468/065-1 Film Axial 0.68uf Roederstein 63vdc Film 6.5x19mm Capacitor, Qty-50 63vdc Axial Roederstein 0.68uf Mkt1813-468/065-1

Roederstein Mkt1822-333/634 .033uf 630v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $21.90

Roederstein Mkt1822-333/634 Qty-50 Roederstein 5 630v Mkt1822-333/634 Capacitor New .033uf Roederstein Qty-50 Capacitor 630v 5 New .033uf Mkt1822-333/634

56uf 400v 105'c Snap-in Capacitor Roederstein Vishay 22mm X 21mm Audio Video X10 - $21.83

56uf 400v Audio 105'c Vishay X X10 22mm Snap-in 56uf 400v Capacitor 21mm Roederstein Video X10 400v Capacitor Vishay Roederstein 21mm 105'c 56uf Snap-in 22mm Audio X Video

Roederstein Lebm00he422dao 2200uf 16v 105c Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Qty-50 - $21.00

Roederstein Lebm00he422dao Qty-50 2200uf Lebm00he422dao Electrolytic 105c Roederstein Axial 16v Capacitor Roederstein Lebm00he422dao Electrolytic 16v 105c 2200uf Capacitor Qty-50 Axial

Roederstein Mkt1818-433/014-d .33uf 100v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $20.89

Roederstein Mkt1818-433/014-d 100v New Roederstein Capacitor Mkt1818-433/014-d .33uf Qty-50 5 .33uf Roederstein 5 Capacitor Qty-50 100v New Mkt1818-433/014-d

Roederstein Radial Capacitor 4700uf 40v 20 105c Snap-in 30x25mm Quantity=20 - $20.89

Roederstein Radial 30x25mm Capacitor Snap-in 20 40v Quantity=20 Radial Roederstein 4700uf 105c Capacitor Snap-in 4700uf Roederstein 20 40v Radial 30x25mm Quantity=20 105c

Roederstein Lebm00hd422c00 2200uf 10v 105c Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Qty-100 - $20.85

Roederstein Lebm00hd422c00 Electrolytic Lebm00hd422c00 105c Capacitor 10v Qty-100 Roederstein Axial 2200uf Lebm00hd422c00 Electrolytic Roederstein 10v Axial Qty-100 Capacitor 105c 2200uf

Roederstein Leyd00dj510l01 10000uf 100v 20 40x80mm Electrolytic Can Capacitor - $20.84

Roederstein Leyd00dj510l01 Roederstein 100v Leyd00dj510l01 20 10000uf Capacitor Electrolytic Can 40x80mm Roederstein 10000uf Leyd00dj510l01 Can Capacitor 40x80mm 20 Electrolytic 100v

Roederstein Leko00dc347d00k Capacitor 470uf 16v 20 85c 10x12.5mm Qty-10 - $20.84

Roederstein Leko00dc347d00k 16v Capacitor Qty-10 20 Leko00dc347d00k 85c 470uf 10x12.5mm Roederstein Leko00dc347d00k 85c Roederstein 10x12.5mm Capacitor 20 Qty-10 16v 470uf

Roederstein Kp1830-215/013w .0015uf 100v 2.5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $20.45

Roederstein Kp1830-215/013w Capacitor 100v New 2.5 Kp1830-215/013w Roederstein .0015uf Qty-50 Qty-50 New Roederstein Kp1830-215/013w 100v 2.5 Capacitor .0015uf

Roederstein Kp1830-322/063w .022uf 63v 5 Capacitor New Qty-25 - $20.28

Roederstein Kp1830-322/063w 63v New Capacitor 5 .022uf Roederstein Kp1830-322/063w Qty-25 63v 5 Kp1830-322/063w Qty-25 Capacitor New Roederstein .022uf

Roederstein Mkt1822-522/064-43 2.2uf 63v 5 Capacitor New Qty-100 - $20.19

Roederstein Mkt1822-522/064-43 Mkt1822-522/064-43 New 5 Capacitor Qty-100 2.2uf 63v Roederstein Roederstein 5 Qty-100 Mkt1822-522/064-43 Capacitor 63v 2.2uf New

200 X Roederstein Mkt1817-433-064 Capacitor 0.33uf 63v Box Cap Met Polyester - $20.00

200 Box Roederstein 200 X Capacitor Cap 63v Mkt1817-433-064 Met Polyester 0.33uf Mkt1817-433-064 0.33uf Box 63v Cap Roederstein Capacitor Polyester 200 X Met

Roederstein F1772-410/2012 .1uf 275vac 20 Capacitor New Qty-10 - $20.00

Roederstein F1772-410/2012 F1772-410/2012 New 20 Qty-10 Capacitor 275vac .1uf Roederstein New Roederstein F1772-410/2012 275vac .1uf Capacitor 20 Qty-10

Roederstein F1774-410/2061 .1uf 275vac 20 Capacitor New Qty-10 - $20.00

Roederstein F1774-410/2061 275vac 20 F1774-410/2061 .1uf Capacitor Roederstein Qty-10 New New 20 275vac .1uf Capacitor Qty-10 F1774-410/2061 Roederstein

Roederstein F1740-415-3543 0.15uf X1 275vac Bi-polar Suppression Capacitor Qty-5 - $20.00

Roederstein F1740-415-3543 Qty-5 Bi-polar Suppression 0.15uf 275vac F1740-415-3543 Capacitor X1 Roederstein Bi-polar F1740-415-3543 0.15uf Qty-5 Suppression Capacitor 275vac X1 Roederstein

Roederstein Mkt1820-410/014 .1uf 100v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $19.98

Roederstein Mkt1820-410/014 100v Qty-50 Roederstein .1uf New 5 Mkt1820-410/014 Capacitor 5 Mkt1820-410/014 .1uf Capacitor 100v Qty-50 New Roederstein

Roederstein Mkc1860-522/254 2.2uf 250vdc 160vac 5 Axial Film Capacitor, Qty-10 - $19.95

Roederstein Mkc1860-522/254 250vdc Capacitor, Mkc1860-522/254 Film 160vac Roederstein 5 Qty-10 Axial 2.2uf 5 Roederstein 2.2uf 160vac Capacitor, Qty-10 Mkc1860-522/254 250vdc Film Axial

Roederstein Lel00ba147ja0v 4.7uf 63v 85c Axial Electrolytic Capacitor Qty-100 - $19.95

Roederstein Lel00ba147ja0v 85c Roederstein 4.7uf 63v Electrolytic Qty-100 Axial Lel00ba147ja0v Capacitor Roederstein Axial Capacitor 63v 4.7uf Electrolytic Qty-100 Lel00ba147ja0v 85c

Roederstein Pec-capacitor Estaprop Gmkp 3000-4ia, U=3000 Vdc - $19.80

Roederstein Pec-capacitor 3000-4ia, U=3000 Roederstein Pec-capacitor Vdc Estaprop Gmkp 3000-4ia, Estaprop Pec-capacitor U=3000 Vdc Gmkp Roederstein

Roederstein Mkt1822-547/014 4.7uf 100v 5 Radial Polyester Film Capacitor Qty-10 - $19.69

Roederstein Mkt1822-547/014 Roederstein Radial 4.7uf Mkt1822-547/014 100v Capacitor Polyester Film Qty-10 5 100v Roederstein Film Capacitor Qty-10 4.7uf Mkt1822-547/014 5 Polyester Radial

Roederstein Mkt1823-310/066 .01uf 63v 20 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $19.50

Roederstein Mkt1823-310/066 20 New Capacitor Mkt1823-310/066 .01uf Qty-50 Roederstein 63v Capacitor Qty-50 Mkt1823-310/066 Roederstein New 63v 20 .01uf

Roederstein Mkc1862-415/254 .15uf 250v 5 Capacitor New Qty-50 - $19.50

Roederstein Mkc1862-415/254 New Roederstein 5 Qty-50 Mkc1862-415/254 .15uf 250v Capacitor .15uf Capacitor Mkc1862-415/254 Qty-50 New 250v 5 Roederstein

Roederstein Mkp1846-310/135 0.01uf 1.6kvdc 10 Radial Film Capacitor New Qty-25 - $19.50

Roederstein Mkp1846-310/135 New Capacitor 10 Radial Mkp1846-310/135 Qty-25 Film 1.6kvdc Roederstein 0.01uf Film 10 0.01uf Roederstein 1.6kvdc Capacitor Radial Qty-25 Mkp1846-310/135 New

Roederstein Mkt-1822.1m100 .1uf 100v 20 Capacitor New Qty-25 - $19.50

Roederstein Mkt-1822.1m100 Roederstein Qty-25 100v .1uf Capacitor New 20 Mkt-1822.1m100 Qty-25 New 100v Capacitor Mkt-1822.1m100 Roederstein 20 .1uf

Roederstein Mkc1850-133/162-w 330pf 160vdc 2 Radial Film Capacitor, New Qty-25 - $19.50

Roederstein Mkc1850-133/162-w Qty-25 Roederstein 330pf 2 160vdc Mkc1850-133/162-w Film Radial New Capacitor, Roederstein Film 160vdc Mkc1850-133/162-w 2 Capacitor, 330pf New Qty-25 Radial